New Year, New Aeron, New Color, Onyx

Making the best better for the earth. 27 years ago, the Aeron Chair changed the idea of what an office chair could look like and how it could function. Now there's the next generation Aeron, made from plastic from the sea. Same design. Same comfort. Now more sustainable

New year. New Aeron. At the beginning of the year, we present you the new Aeron in Onyx Black at a limited special price. Grab it quick, this offer is limited to 10 pieces (expected delivery in March/April 2022).

27 years ago, the Aeron Chair changed the idea of what an office chair could look like and how it could function. Now there's the next generation Aeron, made from plastic from the sea. Same design. Same comfort. Now more sustainable

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Iconic Award 2021: Innovative Architecture

Dina Andersen (D'NA Unique Corporate Spaces) and workingwell have won the Iconic Award 2021 for Innovative Architecture in collaboration. Hauser Office Design was allowed to support as furnishing partner.

The Iconic Award “Innovative Architecture” is presented by the German Design Council. The categories are visionary buildings, innovative products and sustainable communication from all sectors of architecture, construction, real estate and the manufacturing industry.

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Stock sale

We cleaned up and discovered a few treasures.

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Our new productshowroom

We have renewed our website so that you have an easier overview of our product portfolio. Under Products you will find most of the products of the manufacturers we carry. In addition, under Spotlight you will find our Spotlight manufacturers and products.

HomeFit by VEPA

Home office?
And no room for an ergonomic workplace?

Unpack. Plug it in. Unfold. Work.

We are here for you, so you can work safely!

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Living space for people.

Hauser Office Design offers you the perfect solution from a single source for your individual needs – from optimal space planning through suitable office furniture to the ideal lighting and room acoustics. Together we create liveable spaces where your company can reach its goal through motivated employees.
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Acoustics – one word, a lot of different phenomena.

Whether it’s constant phone calls or chats with colleagues, the rattling printer, the air-conditioning vent or the permanent construction site in front of the window – there are plenty of noise sources in offices. Often they are even reinforced by hard, sound-reflecting materials in the room. But constant noise reduces concentration and performance and can even be harmful to your health. Unfortunately these noise sources also cannot be eliminated easily. The solution is special soundproofing elements: Absorbers, furniture with acoustic elements or ceiling canopies reduce the overall volume in large offices and provide for excellent intelligibility during office meetings or telephone calls. With us you get the right solution for any acoustic problem.
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A passion for office furnishings.

We support you on the way to finding the optimum office furnishing solution. Office environments, communication areas, lounges, cafeterias, canteens, executive offices, or individual counters for the reception area. You will find collections for all requirements and budgets on our product pages. Our passion is to discover new design and product solutions that you won’t find on every corner.

We generate added value at the interfaces.

by integrating all relevant finishing trades. We make room at the table experts in furnishings, flooring, ceiling, and lighting. So you can concentrate completely on your daily business. Product suggestions, sampling, CAD planning, budgeting. These are just a few of our services.

Office 4.0 – K+N Smart Office

This is how rooms become service providers. Our working and residential spaces haven’t developed much since the time human beings stopped living in caves. Dry, hopefully warm, with running water – that's about all. Smart Office means HARDWARE? SOFTWARE? WE CALL IT SPACEWARE!

We support you with K+N SMART.OFFICE along the entire work process with sensors in the furniture and an accompanying app: It's an analysis tool, a partner for smart work and individual workstation design – so it’s much more than the sum of its parts. Find out more. Welcome to the present.

What sets us apart from others?

We are constantly asked what sets us apart from other companies in our industry. Just ask our customers. Customer satisfaction is our calling card. We design around 4,000 workstations a year across Germany and are always happy about the positive feedback.
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You will regularly find new products here that fascinate us:

Cosm Chair

Cosm Chair

When you sit in the Cosm, you almost forget that you’re sitting in a chair at all. Its sophisticated ergonomic design immediately responds to your body, movements and posture to provide natural balance and complete support.



Create a playground for creative ideas with the Smeeting. Change perspectives and get meetings moving. The Smeeting is available in different sizes and designs

Balance Chair

Balance Chair

The patented office swivel chair, which also serves as a standing aid. K+N BALANCE.CHAIR is TÜV-certified, was awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2018 and invites you to experience a new way of working.

StandBy Office

StandBy Office

K+N STANDBY.OFFICE 2.0 – All-in-one solution with steplessly manually adjustable table top, acoustically effective, movable back wall, canopy, integrated Artemide light and other intelligent features – all foldable and easy to store.

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